Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR)

Endpoint Detection Response (EDR), also known as Endpoint Detection and Threat Response (EDTR) is an endpoint security solution which monitors the end-user devices to identify and respond to threats like malware or ransomware.

EDR security solutions keep record of endpoint user/system level behaviour and thereby detect suspicious behaviours using various data analytics techniques, prevents malicious activities and provides suggestions to restore the infected systems.

EDR provides continuous and comprehensive visibility of whatever is happening in the endpoint systems in real time ensuring that no suspicious act remains un-noticed which otherwise remains invisible to track.

Functions of EDR

The importance of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Every organisation faces adversaries eventually no matter what advanced technologies they implement. Here is a list of some key factors that makes EDR solutions important for your security.

  • When the threat prevention tools fail to protect the network, it gives way for the hackers to gain access to your network through endpoint systems. EDR on the other hand detects any change in behaviour of an endpoint system or device and responds in real time.
  • It can help prevent insider threats. Sometimes adversaries can be found in your own internal network, with advanced behavioural analytics, EDR helps to find such threats prevailing over the network.
  • The security team can have the visibility of the entire endpoint devices and thereby ensure the security of the network with EDR which otherwise is not visible. Thus, the organisation can take necessary steps without spending a lot of time searching for what exactly happened.
  • It paves way for investigation. The EDR solution not only provide visibility but also all the information required to respond to an incident intelligently. All endpoint user information is stored and can easily be recalled whenever required
  • Having all the data is only a part of the solution, its analytics and interpretations matters the most. EDR has advanced data analytics that helps to identify suspicious system behaviour and blocks malicious activities.

What you should look for in EDR solution?

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