Huawei LST7MPUE0001 (S12700E main control unit E)

Main control board is mandatory for switches. Each switch must be configured with one or two main control boards. When one main control board is configured for a switch, the main control board can be installed in either main control board slot of the switch. When two main control boards are configured, the two main control boards work in hot standby mode to improve reliability of the switch. The active and standby main control boards monitor the status of each other. If the active main control board fails, the standby main control board automatically becomes active to ensure uninterrupted services.


LST7MPUE0001 (S12700E main control unit E)

LST7MPUE0001 and LST7MPUE0000 can be installed in the same chassis. After an active/standby switchover occurs in a chassis, fans in the chassis change to the intelligent speed adjustment mode. If you want the fans to run at a specific speed, run the set fan-speed command to set the fan speed after the switchover. Boards manufactured since November 2021: If these boards need to be used in V200R020C10SPC500, install V200R020HP0010 or a later patch.

The MPU is the system control and management unit for the switch. It integrates the main control unit, clock unit, and system maintenance unit.

The MPU supports the following OAM functions:

802.1ag: identifies, detects, and sends continuity check (CC) packets.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS OAM): identifies, detects, and sends MPLS OAM packets.


Item Specification

Dimensions without packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)] : 35.1 mm x 397.2 mm x 430.4 mm (1.38 in. x 15.64 in. x 16.95 in.)
Weight without packaging [kg(lb)] : 2.75 kg(lb)
Typical power consumption : [W] 48 W
Typical heat dissipation : [BTU/hour] 163.78 BTU/hour
Maximum power consumption : [W] 48 W
Maximum heat dissipation : [BTU/hour] 163.78 BTU/hour
Memory : 16GB (not expandable)
Storage : NAND flash: 2 GB, built-in


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